Sink Storage Bucket - Great For Sponges and Soap, or even Toothbrushes!

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This sink storage bucket is awesome! Suitable for use with almost every sink. Can also be used in other areas of the home due to its flexible design! Great in the kitchen to hold sponges and soap. In the bathroom, these are a great option to store your toothbrush and floss! Make your day to day life easier by keeping it more organized, with the help of these simple but amazing storage buckets! One for $9.99 or 3 for $24!


Can be hung on all sorts of faucets!



Not just for easy storage at the sink! Can be hung on almost any hook for easy storage all over the house!


Material: SILICONE
Material: TPR + ABS
Size: 8.5x6x2 Inches(Approx.)

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