Enceladus Inc. - A Thrift Galaxy Exclusive!

Enceladus Inc. - A Thrift Galaxy Exclusive!

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Sci-Fi Action!

Enceladus Inc. By J.D. Ware is a fast-paced Sci-Fi adventure. If you are a fan of the beloved gems that are Warehouse 13 and The Librarians you're going to love this! In Enceladus Inc., you follow former Air-Force pilot Dorothy Adams, as she goes from her now mundane life as a security guard to Government Special Ops, almost instantly! She never knew Enceladus Inc. was holding a secret that's out of this world! Now she's tasked with protecting that secret, and her team, at all costs!

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Enceladus Inc. is about 26 pages long and 7600 words. 

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