Movie Madness Available Titles

Currently Available Movie Madness Titles

*Each TV Show Disc Counts As 1 of your 10 DVD’s allowed per month


Jeff Foxworthy Show 

Jeff Foxworthy Show Disc 2

Blue Collar Comedy 

The Break-Up


Legally Blonde

Chad Eastman: The Truth About Guys

Smokey and the Bandit  

SNL Best Of Will Ferrell

National Lampoon's Vacation 

European Vacation 

Vegas Vacation 

Evan Almighty 

Jerry Seinfeld Stand-Up Special From Broadway

Four Christmases 

You Me and Dupree

Devil Wears Prada 

Analyze This 

America’s Sweethearts 

Blue Collar Comedy Tour The Movie

The Breakfast Club



The Truman Show  

Face Off 

Lucky # Slevin

The Dark Knight Rises

Batman Begins 

The Dark Knight 

Last King of Scotland 

Requiem For a Dream 

Untouchables Special Edition

Day After Tomorrow Widescreen

Matrix Reloaded Full Screen


A Mighty heart 

The Last Kiss Goodnight 

The Bucket List 

Sea Biscuit America’s Legendary Racehorse

The Terminal 

Short Circuit 

War of The Worlds (Tom Cruise Version)

The Situation 

Oceans Twelve 

Lawrence of Arabia

Victory at Sea Disc 2

Victory at Sea Disc 3

The Big Trees Starring Kirk Douglas

2001: A Space Odyssey 

National Treasure 2


In Her Shoes 

Away We Go 

Say Anything 20th Anniversary Edition

Lady of The Highwayman

Inside Man 

Ripley's Game 

House Season 1 Disc 1

House Season 1 Disc 2

House Season 1 Disc 3

House Season 1 Disc 4


Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban

Star Wars Attack of the Clones 

The Hurricane: Collector's Edition 

Empire of the Wolves

XXX State of the union 

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 

Lethal Weapon 


Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1 Disc 1

Adventures of Robin Hood Disc 2

Adventures of Robin Hood Disc 3

March of the Penguins

Spider-Man Full Screen 

K-19 Widowmaker 

Sherlock Holmes Triple Feature

Family Friendly:

Cricket On The Hearth 

Ice Age The Meltdown 

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 

Shirley Temple Little Colonel 

School of Rock 

Barbie Christmas Carol 

Happy Feet 

The Goonies



Alfred Hitchcock Collection Disc 1

Alfred Hitchcock Collection Disc 2

Alfred Hitchcock Collection Disc 3

Alfred Hitchcock Collection Disc 4

Joy Ride