Harlequin Intrigue Paperback Bundle

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Harlequin Intrigue Bundle. Synopsis for both books are below.

Man Undercover by Alana Matthews


A cabin in the Colorado mountains promised Tara Richards a break from reporting...until a stranger sent her life into a tailspin. Rough and tumble in those blue jeans, Matt Hathaway brought trouble to her door. There was no mistaking the pistol tucked at his waist, or his urgent need for a hostage.

Deep undercover, Matt had less than a day to stop a bombing, and Tara was his last lifeline. Entrenched in the biggest story of her career, Tara could control her own destiny, but not the man by her side. After all, he promised the most thrilling night of her entire life.

Marital Privilege by Ann Voss Patterson 


SHE'D WED A STRANGER ... "My name isn't Alec Martin." he'd said. Laura thought she'd married a salesman and that their unborn baby would have the idyllic childhood she'd never had. But suddenly her ordinary husband knew how to do extraordinary things, like fire guns and hot-wire cars.

Both books are in well read condition. however both are still completely readable and you get the bundle for just $5.50 and Free Shipping. That's only $2.75 per book!  Great for any Romance fan.